Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How Omniture & Saleforce Integrate with Facebook & Twitter

If you haven't noticed, there are several ESPs, CRM and Web analytics companies integrating with Facebook and Twitter in smart and innovative ways. These companies have leveraged what is already occuring online - conversations, praises, complaints, prospects and integrating them with existing business processes. In looking specifically at Omniture and Salesforce - there's a great case study in doing integration right for the social media channel.

Omniture Twitter Integration - Omniture integrates with Twitter in some obvious ways - like tracking traffic coming from Twitter and other social media sites, as well as:
1) Measuring overall customer value and customer acquisition with other digital channels
2) Integrating Twitter conversation and filtering by specific keywords and phrases
3) Alert notifications for Twitter
4) Group contributors in the way they impact your brand and track them over time
5) Segmenting groups on Facebook by the number of followers

Omniture Facebook Integration - Omniture tracks Facebook application as well. Once you have an application on Facebook, Omniture tracks success of Facebook apps by:
1) Measuring application adoption (which part of the app is getting the best pageviews)
2) Measuring the viral component of the application (how many people are inviting others to download the app)
3) Measuring the app back to marketing goals (Linking the application to funnel reports to see which connects Facebook to purchase behavior) Integration - in March of 2009, integrated customer and prospect conversations from Twitter into their Salesforce cloud. What's very smart about the Saleforce integration is that it:
1) Integrates search into the experience
2) Integrates searchable, pre-built Twitter responses to common questions right from (making replies easy, pre-built and painless)
3) Allows historical monitoring of conversation on Twitter
4) Integration of Twitter handles in their contact system

Salesforce/Facebook Integration - has a great cloud application with integrates with Facebook. Using Faceconnector, users of can integrate Facebook information and interact in Facebook through the experience. This includes:
1) Connect customers and prospects with connections on Facebook
2) Integrate conversations on with
3) Integrate addition Facebook profile information like employment, birthdates and photos into


  1. while i am installing facebook i am getting this error 'Sorry, Faceconnector and Facebook are still working out some kinks. Please make sure you have added the custom field FacebookID__c to both the lead and contact Page Layouts. If that doesn't work, try again in a few minutes or try uninstalling and then reinstalling Faceconnector'.Even though i draged the fields FacebookID__c from pagelayout so kindly let me know the solution.