Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Extending Twitter: Marketing-Friendly Twitter Apps

Twitter's popularity is growing phenomenally. While there is alot of noise, there are also opportunities for marketers to track and extend Twitter beyond 140 characters. Here's are a few marketer-friendly extensions that extend (and improve) the Twitter experience.

1.Stweets  a mashup between Google maps and Twitter, Stweet will shows the street from where a tweet was made! While it's cool that you can track where people are tweeting, what would be more interesting to marketers to advertise businesses nearby a tweeter - a timely offer with a nearby business. 

2. Twitdoc - it's very common to send pics over Twitter, but Twitdoc lets you attach Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF documents. This extends Twitter so that documents can be shared directly, without having to go to a website. For marketers, once they start tracking the number of downloads, metrics can measure the subject line equivalent of Twitter - how engaging are your 140 characters to prompt a download? 

3. Twitoaster - With triple-digit growth, tracking conversations (particularly about brands or a topic) has become pretty tricky. Twitoaster  threads your twitter conversations like on a message board.  This allows you to understand searches and replies in context to the conversation.