Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nielsen & Facebook: What's the deal?

This week, Nielsen Research and Facebook announced a strategic partnership. From this partnership, a new product (Nielsen's Brandlift) is available which marketers can immediately capitalize on. Here's what it provides:

Social Media Focus Groups - With 300M user, Nielsen's market research can have access to a vast and deeply mined focus group of Facebook users to gauge effectiveness of different creative executions of Facebook advertising. All polls are opt-in and no personally identifiable information is shared.

Connect the dots with social media advertising and purchase intent. One of the biggest challenges to social media is that it's hard to measure impact without immediate sales on the site. By partnering with Facebook, Nielsen can "...measure consumer attitudes and purchase intent from display advertising that appears on the site. There are plans to leverage Brandlift on other online sites in conjunction with Facebook.

Measure how engaged Facebook fan pages change consumer attitude and behavior. The first pilot customer of the Brandlift product was P&G. Through this partnership they found that their campaign had driven an 11% lift in purchase intent overall and a 33% lift in their target demographic (women: 13-18). Very good results overall for their first pilot.

Foundational in measuring multi-channel campaign effectiveness. Nielsen has dominated results in measuring television and online audiences. It's no surprise it's a win-win for Facebook and Nielsen. Facebook gets brand credibility and (hopefully) proven advertising effectiveness, and Nielsen gets access to a new channel audience. The partnership establishes a long-term foundation to realize advertising revenue opportunities and measure effectiveness for this audience.

In case you missed it - here's the video of Sheryl Sandberg's (COO of Facebook) keynote at Advertising Age, read more about Sheryl and Steve Zukerman (CEO) of Facebook on Forbes.

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